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December 18, 2010

Last-Minute Gift Idea for Lake Lovers

by Samantha Shaddock

Yesterday I received an email from the folks at White Rock Paddle Co., a relatively new outfit that rents kayaks on White Rock Lake. It seems they now sell gift certificates in a range of prices.

My husband and I discovered White Rock Paddle Co. this summer whilst riding our bikes. Having only kayaked once together in the Hudson Valley, we were eager to sign up. Our first trip out, we rented sit-on-top kayaks, which we were told are more stable than sit-in models and therefore best for novices. Though the boats were a tad hard to maneuver, we had a blast, and the next weekend we came back for more.

Two sessions was all it took for us to become hooked, and we soon determined that we not only wanted our own kayaks, we had to have them. Right then. After a somewhat perilous hour spent lashing the suckers down to my Jeep (since replaced with a lower-profile compact SUV), our boats journeyed from Dick’s Sporting Goods to their new home in Lakewood, where they have given us much joy — and exercise.

At any rate, if you’re struggling to find a Christmas present for someone you love, or even just like, consider buying one of these packages, and make sure to get one for yourself.

November 23, 2010

The Real House Cats of Dallas

by Samantha Shaddock

Some kook apparently has started a photo blog called The Real House Cats of Dallas, and apparently he or she is soliciting submissions from the public.


November 23, 2010

Today’s Noteworthy Dallas Women

by Samantha Shaddock

Photo by Flickr user Looking Glass

Vicki Woodlee: The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader will shake her groove thing next week on Glee (son Zach Woodlee choreographs for the show, which appears Tuesdays at 7 p.m. on Fox).

Leslie Porterfield: She’s the fastest woman in the world on a motorcycle.

Regina Taylor: This multi-talented woman’s trilogy, The Trinity River Plays, runs through Dec. 5 at the Wyly Theatre in downtown Dallas.

Got a nominee of your own? Do tell.

November 20, 2010

Thank You, Damn You Auto Correct

by Samantha Shaddock

Dear God. I can’t stop laughing.

This post originally appeared on Rock and Roll Grammarian.