Cat Boarding in Dallas: Yea, or No Way?

by Samantha Shaddock

The spousal unit and I recently faced a tough decision: whether to board the feline member of our family or ask my parents to commit to a week’s worth of pilling, feeding and coddling.

Up to one day before we were to drop Simon off at the animal hospital (owing to a chronic medical condition, his doctor recommended he stay separate from the general pet population), we were comfortable leaving him in the hands of vets and technicians. However, upon taking a tour of the facility, our confidence in this plan evaporated.

Cats, dogs, and a rooster sat in small cages stacked on top of one another, and we feared that our beloved fellow would be not only stressed out by this proximity to species other than his own, but also exposed to pathogens from the adjoining hospital. In fairness, this particular facility adheres to the pet-boarding guidelines laid out by the American Animal Hospital Association. However, given that Simon takes prednisone daily for his immune mediated hemolytic anemia, we worried he’d be susceptible to whatever diseases his neighbors might have had. Plus, we feared he’d be depressed staying for a week in such a small box.

We begged my parents to look after him instead, and they graciously agreed to do so. They fulfilled this responsibility admirably, and we returned to Dallas to find him healthy and seemingly happy. I will forever be in their debt for keeping him.

So I ask you: Have you ever boarded a cat in Dallas, and if so, how would you rate that experience?


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