‘Home’ for the Holidays

by Samantha Shaddock

A few days ago I asked where you’d be spending Thanksgiving Day, and the majority of you responded that you’d spend it in town. I’d like to know what part of the Dallas area you call home. Feel free to be specific by clicking “other” and adding the name of your community (for example, “home” to me is Lakewood in East Dallas).


One Comment to “‘Home’ for the Holidays”

  1. I am having a Spartan Thanksgiving this year. Spartan as in less food! I have been compelled, as a mommy, to prepare a feast for my family that covered every inch of counter in our kitchen and then have all this left-over food and wonder how to store it. (Picture Bette Midler bakingin the Stepford Wives, that’s me!) Here’s the deal: we are all watching our weight, and I just don’t want to do that anymore. I could have a cold turkey sandwich for Thanksgiving and be happy! My daughter insists on making mashed potatoes but here’s the menu: turkey and corn bread stuffing — I cook my turkey (fresh, Diesel) in a brown paper bag. Green beans. Pomegranate salad. Fresh fruit salad. Rosemary potatoes. Cassie is making some high carb stuff I told her she’d have to take home — like corn souffle. I have limited us to one dessert, a pecan pie, and some frosted cookies. And rolls. Usually I’d have three or four more dishes and several desserts.

    What is happening here? I am in transition mode from having a family and friends here, to winding back down to four and maybe just two — ooops three- the hubby, Doodle and I.

    I wonder — is anyone else cutting back on what they cook and serve at Thanksgiving?

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